14 Jan, 2020

Employer beware: OSHA Repeat Violations.

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Employer Beware: OSHA Repeat Violations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can look back 3 years of a business’s citation history to determine whether a “repeat” violation condition exists.  (The OSHA statute does not, in fact, state a time limitation, rather, OSHA has settled on a policy to look back only three years. Letter [...]

2 Jan, 2020

Dealing with OSHA Citations

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Dealing with OSHA Citations The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency designed to provide safety information, safety training suggestions, and safety programs.  The focus of OSHA is assisting employers to provide a safe workplace free of hazards to employees.  OSHA also has an enforcement function.  If an employer is allowing a noncomplying [...]

8 Oct, 2019

Documenting workplace hazards-Avoid OSHA fines, it’s simple.

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It is simple to avoid OSHA fines.  Personal protective equipment commonly referred to as PPE.  PPE refers to safety glasses, hard/steel toe shoes, hearing protection, face protection, gloves, respirators, etc. You no doubt know PPE is used to provide safety protection of employees from a variety of common workplace hazards. Hazards such as eye hazards [...]

31 Jul, 2017

Unintended Consequences in Safety-Repeat OSHA Violations

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“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”, so said Laurence J. Peter, a professor at the University of Southern California whose works touched the business world.  (He is well known for the “Peter Principal”.)  Peter’s above quote essentially points out that action lacking a clear objective will [...]