It is simple to avoid OSHA fines.  Personal protective equipment commonly referred to as PPE.  PPE refers to safety glasses, hard/steel toe shoes, hearing protection, face protection, gloves, respirators, etc. You no doubt know PPE is used to provide safety protection of employees from a variety of common workplace hazards. Hazards such as eye hazards from grinding metal, injury to hearing from noise caused by machines, dust or other airborne contaminants from grading or chemical operations, etc.  And most employers understand they need to provide the proper PPE for its employees to as protection from whatever workplace hazards exist.

But did you know the employer is required to assess the workplace for hazards?  Did you know the employer must document such assessments? Did you know these workplace assessments must include every aspect of the employer’s operations?  It’s all true.  OSHA safety rule 29 CFR 1910.132 requires the employer to conduct a hazard assessment of the workplace to determine whether and what type of PPE is required.  And the best (really the only way) to substantiate such hazard assessments have occurred to make a note of such assessments and keep them on file.

These assessments need not be voluminous, but rather short, 2-4-line sentences. State the date, location, type of hazards and required PPE to eliminate the hazards.  Also, have the person conducting the assessment sign their name (signature should be legible and/or printed).