The oil and gas industry is one of the most dynamic and critical industries to our way of life.  The exploration, production, well servicing and refining of petroleum involves working with potentially dangerous materials.

The energy from petroleum heats our homes and powers our transportation and all other industries.  Safely working with the development, processing and delivery of this energy is critical to all working in the energy industry.

Vapors, gases and liquid forms of petroleum present unique hazards and having a well thought out safety program, a solid safety training program/policy and field practices are critical elements in every successful safety program safeguarding personnel, plant and equipment and reputation.

Establishing and maintaining a successful safety program in the energy industry has multiple aspects.  First, there is the evaluation of the safety program, namely a risk assessment.  Second, is bringing the existing safety program and polices up to the risk assessment findings. Third, there is the safety training program involving employees (must be consistent) and presentation of germane topics.  Fourth, is the actual field practice of these safety programs and policies.  The fifth element should include safety committees.

Greg’s safety expert witness services have involved  oil and gas hazards of natural gas plants and high pressure natural gas lines, flammable gases (tank explosions), moving machinery parts, and workplace injuries and fatalities from his safety expert witness cases.  The best way to avoid such litigation is through solid safety training programs and field supervisory practices.

Let us help you with your safety program.  We understand the hazards naturally existing in oil and gas and know even small oversights can result in unwanted results.

Training offered includes but not limited to: OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry, PEC Safeland Core & Basic, H2S, among many others.  Read more.

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