Legal Testimonials

Thank you for your excellent work. The client entities will be fully released in this settlement. The liability exposure in the case stemmed from other defendant’s exposure which became the crux of the settlement. If I get another OSHA/MSHA case, I’ll be giving you a call.

I settled the Plaintiff’s portion of this case today.  There are still intervenors on the case with the same claims, who have not settled.  They may be contacting you for further work regarding your opinions in this matter.

I greatly appreciate your work on this case, and believe your report was very helpful to us.  I do believe that counsel for (Co-Defendant)  is interested in discussing your availability to testify on its behalf,  and will let you know shortly if they will be getting in touch with you.  Thanks again for all of your help.

Corporate Testimonials

I hired Greg Gerganoff to assist me with safety and compliance with my mine. Greg assessed my business for MSHA compliance and mine site/equipment status, prepared a plan and executed the plan.

Greg used the site inspection as a training tool for our lead people so they could learn what to look for and correct it themselves in the future. He also conducted training for our crews, helped with traffic control and signage to assure our safety compliance. Our next MSHA inspection resulted in no citations.

Greg is very professional to work with and I expect to continue using his services.

Doug Derr
As the Safety Manager of a major US electrical contractor we have periodic need for additional professional safety assistance on larger projects. We were the electrical contractor on the Eagle P3 Commuter Rail project and needed a contract safety person to work with our union crews and hired Greg Gerganoff of Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc.

Greg was responsible for all of the safety on the 40 mile rail project for our high voltage crews, monitoring activities, helping make sure safety policies and practices were being observed as well as filing reports. The crews liked working with Greg and I found him to be professional, most helpful and knowledgeable in carrying out what I needed done. He was dependable, worked well independently and met every expectation for getting the job done.

The safety director of Eagle P3 project commented very positively as well on Greg’s professional handling of safety concerns on this project.

If I have future projects requiring an independent safety professional I will not hesitate employing him again. I am pleased to recommend his professional safety services.

Ed Machado, Dynalectric
I like Greg’s teaching style and ways he keeps the class engaged throughout his classes. You can tell Greg is a well-seasoned safety professional providing logical and real-life examples to each his training courses. Even if you need Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting to teach a course last minute, don’t hesitate to call. They have bailed us out of safety training requirements many times!
Jason Anderson, Safety, Redi Services
Greg Gerganoff is my safety consultant for my oil and gas service business. His safety professionalism and knowledge of safety regulations has helped my business by saving me time, helped take our safety program to the next level and removed frustations in getting our safety program running smoother.

Greg has been a solid safety professional working with me in fashioning and guiding my safety program in a manner that suits my business and my objectives. His professionalism has produced the results I want and need to keep my business a top safety performer.

I can easily recommend his safety services.

Ron Dozier, Owner, Ram Swab Services