Safety Expert Witness Services

Greg Gerganoff, Founder of Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting, Inc., is a safety expert witness for matters involving injury cases occurring in mining, oil and gas, construction or manufacturing industries.

The work place presents many hazards to employee safety. However, such hazards are/can be eliminated or greatly reduced if work place safety rules are observed. When an injury does occur, it is usually due to someone failing to follow sound safety practice or undertaking an unsafe act. Work place safety is governed by the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA), Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA).

As a professional safety expert, Greg Gerganoff offers comprehensive knowledge and opinion reports regarding work place safety conditions and practices. Our work is based on applicable safety codes and regulations of OSHA, MSHA and generally accepted safety work place practices, the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and Mine Safety Health Review Commission and federal court rulings. Our opinions are based upon these safety standards.

Greg Gerganoff has a working knowledge of many common field practices and how tasks are undertaken. We can often assist legal counsel by suggesting lines of inquiry and necessary documents to better clarify their positions from a safety standpoint.

Our Experience

The safety subject matters we handle and our professional experience, among other topics, include: fork lift incidents, confined space, fall protection, heavy equipment, hazardous communication, work place chemical exposures, oil & gas fires/explosions, scissor lifts, heavy equipment operation, power tools, oil and gas compressor stations, mining safety issues, road construction, traffic control, joint/multi-employer situations, falls from heights, walking surfaces, roof, gas cylinder safety, crusher and conveyor, gravel pits, slips-trips and falls,  accident investigation, and subcontractor responsibility on the job site.

Parties worked with:  plaintiff and defense, worker’s compensation, subrogation, and third party liability matters.

We assist lawyers in identifying the safety aspects of their cases.  Our opinions are footnoted to specific, applicable OSHA/MSHA laws, OSHRC and MSHRC and federal case law tied to the evidence in the case.   We understand our opinions need be substantiated in line with traditional legal standards.

Greg Gerganoff is a licensed attorney who practiced law for approximately 12 years (Colorado) with 18 years professional safety experience. He is a Certified Safety Professional, an authorized OSHA Outreach trainer in General Industry, a PEC Safeland Instructor for Basic and Core oil and gas safety training and a Mine Safety and Health Administration Approved Instructor.


More than rules, risk management/safety is a business philosophy easily integrated into daily and long term management operations. We help make implementing this philosophy easy, sustainable and long term.