Our modern standard of living comes from items either grown or mined.  Keeping mines operating in an orderly and safe manner is important to not only miners and mine owners but to our standard of living.

Mining is a unique industry since by its very nature work conditions can change each day or by the hour. Keeping safety systems up to date and effective can be challenging to any mine operator especially medium and small size operators.  Mining involves very heavy and powerful equipment, high electrical energy, conveyors, crushers, blasting and screens.

These activities mean operating equipment like dozers, front end loaders, man lifts, moving machine parts, ever changing stockpiles, outside truckers on site for material pick up, pushing material for feeding, feed ramps, high voltage to operate large motors driving plant equipment, etc.

Safeguards for mine operations include guarding, electrical safety, mobile equipment inspection and safe operation, site specific training, training records of employees, dust control, noise control, stock pile control/management, safety training plans, guarding, traffic control and site signage, among many other compliance needs.

The major concern of mine operators is the safety and welfare of their miners and MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration). Non-complying behaviors and conditions will result in an enforcement action from MSHA or, worse, injury to an employee. MSHA will visit your mine site. There is no inspection “lottery”. And MSHA laws are strictly enforced.

Let us help you ensure your MSHA compliance paperwork is correct, all miners are properly trained and that your site conditions are appropriate for the safety of your personnel, operations and visitors to your site.

Greg’s experience as a mine safety manager and as a mine safety expert witness confirms the ever-present hazards in this industry. Only by constantly observing solid safety practices, safety training and safety signage, among other safety practices, can mining be safe for all entering and working in mines. In some instances he has seen the impacts of mine entrants failing to obey simple safety signs and safety training.

Greg Gerganoff has approximately 15 years’ experience working in mines (surface metal/nonmetal or underground surface) and can help you keep your operations safe.

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