16 Sep, 2020

Safety around large mobile equipment.  Mind reading doesn’t work.

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Safety around large mobile equipment.   When I first started as a safety professional, I always heard  that when working around large mobile equipment like front end loaders, to make eye contact with the operator. The thinking was that making eye contact with the operator you would be seen and not be run over. Well, now [...]

2 Sep, 2020

Gravity, you and fall protection. Or know before you go.

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Gravity is everywhere.  Now there’s a profound statement.  My whole life, I was reminded of gravity whenever I fell or tripped.  I suspect this experience applies to all of us. This knowledge applies especially to those who work at heights.  If your job involves working on ladders, roofs, scaffolding or other elevated working surfaces it [...]

19 Aug, 2020

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.*

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“Any fool can know.  The point is to understand”.  Safety talks are opportunities to pass on knowledge and understanding.   Safety talks discuss an activity and then how to safely handle the task.  For example working at heights.  Understanding that fall protection need be in place and what types of fall protection are known to be [...]

13 Jul, 2020

Are there age limits on people working at a mine site? Or, know before you go.

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Are there age limits on people working at a mine site?  Or, know before you go. So you operate a mine.  You are always seeking good employees.  Mining is hard work and finding enthusiastic employees is a challenge. You are approached by a motivated young person (age 17) who impresses you and you feel this [...]

25 Jun, 2020

Safetyiquiette. Working with others safely.

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Most folks under 40 have heard of “netiquette”.  That is the behavior for those online, using social networking, etc.  For example, be nice, show respect, even to those with whom you may disagree.  No name-calling.   Well, I can hear you asking what does online etiquette have to do with safety.  Glad you asked. The workplace [...]

16 Jun, 2020

Safety Expert Witness, The Crystal Ball, Wish I knew this up front!

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Client versions don’t always match up with evidence.  Sometimes it’s oversight, poor or selective memory, or just plain ignorance.  It happens.  Legal practitioners always keep this concern in the back of their mind when accepting a case.  Too bad there’s no way to “crystal ball” the case before you commence discovery, set depositions, or set [...]

12 Jun, 2020

Static electricity-Not just for shocking your friends.

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Static electricity.   As a child did you ever shuffle your stocking feet on a carpet and then touch someone, a sibling perhaps?  Fun huh.  Well, at least for one of you.  Static electricity is introduced to most of us in this way.   But static electricity in the workplace, particularly around flammables and combustibles, presents a [...]

4 Jun, 2020

Is a client contacting an expert witness outside of attorney involvement a recipe for unintended consequences?

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Your client calls you about a potential litigation situation. And the client is pleased to announce they’ve taken the proactive step of finding and talking to an expert witness.  The client likes this expert.  They want you, their attorney, to talk to the expert and use them for their case. Is there a real problem [...]

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