29 Sep, 2021

Stop Work Authority

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Stop work authority What is stop work authority? Will this stop my production? Does this mean my project schedules are delayed hours?  Days?  Nope.  In fact, stop work authority can save you, the employer, potentially 10’s or 100’s of hours of time and man hours spent handling the aftermath of a seriously injured employee.  Think [...]

15 Sep, 2021

Record keeping, or boring paper work

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Recordkeeping, or boring paperwork.  Employers are required to keep certain records.  These  records comply with federal/state safety regulations.  Examples of some records the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires:  include injury and lost work time, job transfer/modified duty, etc. Some other records employers should keep include safety program training courses presented to employees.  Or simple [...]

31 Jul, 2021

Repurposing your safety manual.

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Repurposing your safety manual. Safety manuals establish sound safety practices for your business. But did you know you can also use them as a source of safety toolbox talks?  Yup. All the toolbox safety talks you need are right there on your desk (or in your truck).  All you need is a sign-up sheet and [...]

30 Jun, 2021

Commercial property owners-Safety inspections.  Simply look.

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Commercial property owners-Safety inspections.  Simply look. If you operate or manage commercial or residential properties taking a couple of hours each quarter inspecting for unsafe conditions is a great idea.  This simple step will/can save you from major headaches. Where to look.  Look at electrical and boiler rooms, walk hallways, outside parking areas and walking [...]

27 May, 2021

Safety Resources Beyond OSHA

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Safety Resources Beyond OSHA. The world of safety is a large one and there are many resources employers and safety professionals can access for safety information. The following is a list of excellent resources in various areas of safety control. OSHA’s Alliance Program.  Participants of this program have developed safety products on specific industries or [...]

12 May, 2021

Gravity, you and fall protection. Or know before you go.

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Gravity, you and fall protection. Or know before you go. Gravity is everywhere.  Now there’s a profound statement.  My whole life, I was reminded of gravity whenever I fell or tripped.  I suspect this is applies of all people. This knowledge applies especially to those who work at heights.  If your job involves working on:  [...]

20 Apr, 2021

Learn how to not burn. 

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Learn how to not burn around flammable gases.  This safety task is fairly simple.  According to OSHA identify potential sources of flammable gases.  Then identify potential ignition sources.  You identify potential sources  by knowing what flammable gases could potentially be on site.  Do this by examining your job site and identify activities involving:  cutting of [...]

24 Mar, 2021

Backing incidents.  Prevention.

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Backing incidents.  Prevention. Backing incidents are just like front facing strikes, only different.  An operator moving equipment in reverse has limited line of sight because parts of the equipment block his/her view.  Any person  who is walking, standing or kneeling behind the equipment will be unseen by the operator.  Each year more than 70 people [...]

10 Mar, 2021

Its winter.  The roads are icy.  Prepare.

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Its winter.  The roads are icy.  Prepare. Winter weather presents many hazards including slippery roads (ice/snow).  My first year in Colorado I remember being told a safety driving practice beneficial to us former flatlanders.  When traveling down hill on a road, slow down during in the straightaways and ease off the brake in turns.  Reason: [...]

3 Mar, 2021

2021  Inspect and examine your work place before starting work. Or know before you go.

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2021  Inspect and examine your workplace before starting work. Or know before you go. If you area mine operator you know that the Mine Safety Health Act (MSHA) requires a workplace exam to be conducted before employees start their day.  30 CFR 56.18002 requires mine operators to not only conduct when workplace exam but to [...]

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