13 Feb, 2020

Safety rules are written in blood. Avoid blood.

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Safety rules are written in blood. Avoid blood. The Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) and the Mine Safety Health Act (MSHA) are federal safety laws. These laws govern how workplace tasks are carried out. The purpose of these laws is to safeguard employees in the workplace. But I recall one safety trainer’s safety class who [...]

5 Feb, 2020

Litigation Discovery-Learning where to tap.

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Asking the right questions during discovery. Or knowing where to tap. A homeowner has a plugged sink drain.  He tried a liquid drain cleaner.  He tried a plumbing snake. He tried a plunger, all to no avail.  Frustrated he called a plumber.  The plumber comes out, spends a few minutes observing the pipes and then [...]