19 Dec, 2019

OSHA’s Top 10 violations.

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The big top 10 OSHA violations for 2018. Or being informed is being armed. The top 10 OSHA violations have been fall protection, scaffolding, respiratory protection, LOTO, ladders, forklifts, fall protection, machine guarding, eye/face protection, hazardous communication. So, knowing what OSHA commonly finds during investigations or site audits can be helpful to the employer and [...]

4 Dec, 2019

Fall Injuries

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Fall injuries.  This blog is a little different from many of my earlier blogs.  It relies solely upon my experience as a safety manager for companies over the years.  It is a laymen’s comment. The discussion is about fall injuries and why they are so problematic.   First, a fall injury may arise from a simple [...]