Safety rules are written in blood. Avoid blood.
The Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) and the Mine Safety Health Act (MSHA) are federal safety laws. These laws govern how workplace tasks are carried out. The purpose of these laws is to safeguard employees in the workplace.

But I recall one safety trainer’s safety class who made a great point. He said that OSHA and MSHA are written in blood. My initial reaction to this statement was that it was over the top. But as a safety professional with 19 years’ experience, the more I thought of it, I accepted it as fact. Why else would there be a fall protection standard if people weren’t falling and sustaining serious injury or death. Over the years both OSHA and MSHA review and analyze workplace injuries/fatalities and arrive at work practices known to prevent injuries/fatalities.

So when you are looking at your workplace weighting the need for safety training, remember, safety training can keep your workforce safe. Avoid blood.