18 Jun, 2019

Lock Out Tag Out

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2019  LOTO  1910./147,  https://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/data_General_Facts/factsheet-lockout-tagout.pdf So  your company works repairing water, oil, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical devices.  Each of these items can be “stored energy”.   Your employees from time to time undertake a task that directly contacts a system handling any of the above.  Employees must have a clear understanding of how to safely work with [...]

14 May, 2019

Motor Vehicle Safety

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I’ve been a safety professional for approximately 20 years.  During that time I frequently heard about fire, electricity, falls, confined spaces and chemical exposure safety hazards.   Was I surprised to learn that the number one cause of workplace injuries/fatalities was motor vehicle accidents.  What makes this so?  A lot of business uses motor vehicles for [...]

2 May, 2019

Safety is information. Safety Data Sheets.

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To be informed is to be safe. Safety Data Sheets, also known as SDS, are created for each chemical.  SDS's offer explanations about safe handling and protective measures for the specific chemical.  SDS’s provide employers and employees with important information regarding safety precautions. And protective measures when working with that chemical. Chemicals, unlike mechanical hazards, [...]

16 Apr, 2019


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Falls.  What goes up must come down.  An old saying you’ve likely heard before.  It is true because gravity is everywhere.  But did you know 38% of all deaths in the construction work place are falls.  And, fall injuries typically constituted the longest recovery time as well as the long term disability. Falls can occur [...]

15 Mar, 2019

Protecting employee’s hands from injury

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Protecting employee’s hands from workplace injury is important.  But did you know hand protection goes beyond cuts and bruises?  Did you know employers are required to assess the types of hand hazards employees face and provide the appropriate hand personal protective equipment?  Yup. If employees are/can be exposed to harmful chemicals (skin absorption, chemical burns) [...]

21 Feb, 2019

Safety training

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Training, it’s not just for newbies.  Training and refresher training is an excellent method of keeping in front of employees. This applies to top management to new hires.  Training keeps employees abreast of not only OSHA safety regulations but your company’s safety policies and practices. Knowing how to safely carry out work tasks is simple, [...]

31 Jan, 2019

Hazardous gases and fumes.

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What you can’t see (or smell) can hurt you.  What is being discussed here is workplaces where hazardous and toxic gases are known to be present or may be present.  The operative words here are “known to be present or may be present”.  Here’s why. There are gases which are odorless and are not toxic [...]

4 Jan, 2019

Learn How to Not Burn

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Learn how to not burn.  This safety task is fairly simple.  According to OSHA identify potential sources of flammable gases and then identify potential ignition sources.  You identify potential sources of flammable gases by knowing what flammable gases which could potentially be on site.  Do this by examining your job site and identify activities involving [...]

17 Dec, 2018

OSHA General Duty Clause

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OSHA General Duty Clause. You are likely familiar with OSHA and the safety rules it sets forth. And you also likely know that OSHA can enforce those express safety rules in non-complying conditions.  But did you know that OSHA can issue citations for unsafe conditions not specifically listed in its safety rules? The OSHA General [...]

3 Dec, 2018


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While OSHA generally governs safety rules for the workplace there is one industry not subject to OSHA safety rules.  That is mining.  Mining safety is governed by the Federal Agency Mine Safety and Health Administration.  MSHA functions much the same way OSHA does but there are several notable exceptions. First, MSHA is required by law [...]

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