Workplace safety expert witnesses, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and construction.

As you know experts’ witnesses provide subject matter expertise for lawyers, judges, and juries.  The goal of using an expert witness is to shed light on topics not commonly known to the general person/public.

The subject matter of safety is no different.  While it is not unreasonable for the layperson to simply believe safety is no accident. The safety laws applicable to workplace safety can, in fact, be complex.  So how is it that avoiding injury at work can be complex?  The easy answer that each industry possesses unique safety hazards to employees.  Hence subject to unique safety rules known to reduce or eliminate such unique hazards in the workplace.

Industries like oil and gas, mining, manufacturing or construction all pose differing hazards compared to the other. Or, in instances where hazards appear similar, the means of avoiding them differs due to the unique manner the hazard is presented.

Your safety expert witness can help in litigation where understanding the hazards unique to a specific industry and the means of properly avoiding such hazards.