Repurposing your safety manual.

Safety manuals establish sound safety practices for your employees. But did you know you can also use them as a source of safety tool box talks?  Yup. All the tool box safety talks you need is right there on your desk (or in your truck).  All you need is a sign-up sheet and pull out your safety manual and discuss one of the topics in your manual.  Simple, easy, and if you keep your safety manual with your (again, in your truck/office) you have a ready and pertinent source of safety talks.

To mix things up hand the safety manual to one of your employees on a crew and have him/her choose a topic and discuss with the crew.  Gets employees involved in your safety program as well.

Safety manuals, not just for collecting dust any more, but a real and convenient source for crew safety talks.  And, it helps keep your safety manual in front of your crews.