2019  LOTO  1910./147,  https://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/data_General_Facts/factsheet-lockout-tagout.pdf

So  your company works repairing water, oil, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical devices.  Each of these items can be “stored energy”.   Your employees from time to time undertake a task that directly contacts a system handling any of the above.  Employees must have a clear understanding of how to safely work with stored energy to avoid unwanted contact.

The safety procedures for handling “stored energy” under OSHA is Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO).  OSHA safety regulation 29 CFR 1910. 147 covers the safety procedures that must be followed to avoid employee exposure to the unexpected release of the stored energy.  The rules are straight forward and you need review and train your employees on these procedures.

I recently worked a case where an employee failed to follow his LOTO training.  He was injured when he released 1,200 psi from a natural gas compressor station.  His injuries are permanent.

Look at OSHA’s FactSheet on LOTO for good guidance on how to set up LOTO and training requirements.  This is time well spent.  https://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/data_General_Facts/factsheet-lockout-tagout.pdf