Hand and power tools are a great boon to construction, manufacturing, and repair work today.  Electric drills help boreholes and drive fasteners in place.  Circular saws make cutting materials faster and, in many instances, deliver better and straighter cuts.  Band saws help make unusual shape cuts.  But with any tool, there are some simple but important safety practices to make their use safer to the user as well as those working nearby.

Some examples of hazards to consider include: Use of power tools near flammable liquids and fumes.  Electric motors commonly generate an electrical spark which could be an ignition source.  Disconnecting the power tool (electrical) from the power source should never be undertaken by yanking the power cord.  Leaving power tools connected to their power source (electrical, pneumatic) when not in use can lead to inadvertent activation of the tool.  When cutting material with a power tool make sure the material is secure from moving.  Operating a power tool with the guards missing or otherwise not in place.  Leaving a power switch in the “locked on” position when in use.

Power tools make our working lives more efficient, increase our ability to carry out tasks better, and improve creativity.  But misuse can result in injury, sometimes permanent.

For more information on power tool safety check out https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3080.pdf