You may be aware of OSHA  Emphasis Programs wherein OSHA will focus its inspection attention on certain industries or practices.  One of the OSHA Emphasis Programs for the Region VIII is the oil and gas industry.  If your business is in the Region VIII (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah or Wyoming) and work in the oil and gas industry you may find this of interest.

OSHA Emphasis Program.

OSHA  Emphasis Program targets based on high fatality, serious injury and  other potential health hazards.  Based upon its research and reports of injury/fatality OSHA has identified fracturing operations as a potential for high injury risk.  Other areas of concern from a safety perspective is the exposure to volatile organic chemicals like benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, among other hazardous chemicals that may be present during flow back operations and pit aeration, both of which are associated with fracturing operations.

OSHA area offices will select which geographic locals will be emphasized.  For example, the Denver Area office will target its inspections in the Weld and Garfield counties which represent almost 85% of drilling activity in the state of Colorado.  OSHA uses Rig Data reports to narrow locations for inspection. The Englewood Colorado OSAH office will likewise determine which counties it will target for its inspections.  OSHA works with Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to identify its list of specific locations to inspect.

The other states in Region VIII will likewise be subjected to OSHA emphasis safety inspections.

So, if you are in the oil and gas industry in Region VIII, take the time to make sure your safety program and practices are in place.   Even if OSHA doesn’t visit your site, the risk of loss or injury to your employees and project are greatly reduced.

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