Mining Safety-Site Specific Training. Keeping visitors safe on your mine site.

Mine operators typically have nonminers on the mine site, like truck drivers, who haul/transport the mined products off-site for end users.  Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) has a rule addressing the safety training for such mine site visitors.  This is called “site-specific” safety training.  (30 CFR 46.11)

What is site-specific training?

Site-specific safety training is fairly simple, it gives information to the truck driver (or other visitors) making them aware of the hazards they could encounter while on the site.  Such topics include unique geologic or environmental conditions, electrical and powered haulage hazards, traffic patterns, and restricted areas plus warning and evacuation signals, among others.  For more information go to MSHA website for a good gridline outlining training regulations.

Site-specific training applies to office/staff personnel, scientific workers, delivery workers, customers (includes truck drivers), construction works, vendors, visitors.  Essentially, anyone not defined as a miner under the MSH Act (30 CFR 46.2).

Keep mine site visitors safe, tell them the safety rules of the mine site.