Gravity is everywhere.  Now there’s a profound statement.  My whole life, I was reminded of gravity whenever I fell or tripped.  I suspect this is applies of all people.

This knowledge applies especially to those who work at heights.  If your job involves working on ladders, scaffolding or other elevated working surfaces understanding that fall protection (railings or personal fall arrest equipment) can help you avoid injury from a fall is most important.  The human body is not designed to safely absorb a fall impact.    The best protective step is to avoid the fall.

Check out OSHA’s Fall Prevention Training Guide at

Where do fall hazards exist:  Roofs, roof openings, roof skylights. More examples include holes in floors, elevated leading edges, ladders, scaffolds. And unguarded stairs, elevated platforms, pits, wells, unprotected ramps and runways, bridge decking.  Know before you go.