Driving.  Everyone does it.  Many businesses rely on vehicles (commercial and personal vehicles) to carry out their business.  For many of the first years I worked as a safety professional I heard other safety people talk about lock out tag out, fall protection, slips-trips and falls, and confined space as the big work place hazards.  But you will likely be surprised, just as I was, to learn that driving incidents are the number one cause of employee injury/fatality.  Yikes!  Everyone drives, is it really that hazardous?

Driving means using roads with others.  Not everyone is cautious.   Driving on roads means road conditions which may be changed by construction, traffic or weather.  But, despair not.

Train/discuss driver safety with your employees. Pay attention to traffic, obey speed limits, drive according the road/weather conditions. If weather is rough there is no requirement to drive at the posted speed limit, go slower.  No texting or talking on cell.  Travel at 60 mph translates into 60 feet per second of distance travel. A lot can happen in 60 feet at 60 mph.  Oh, and use seatbelts. They make a tremendous difference in the event of a collision.  Safe driving.

Check out OSHA’s web site at https://www.osha.gov/Publications/motor_vehicle_guide.html  for some good driving safety tips.