What We Do

Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting is a safety professional business helping business keep their employees’ safe on the job.  We tailor safety solutions for your business by listening, learning and assessing your operations and matching solutions to your needs.

You’ve put your stamp on your business through innovation, hard work and persistence; in short, successful business.  We benefit your success through safety improvements.  By talking with you, observing your operations and reviewing our assessments with you, together we formulate effective and workable safety solutions specific to your unique operation.

RMSC helps reduce the aggravation/stress that safety issues sometimes pose to business operations.  A well-functioning, self-sustaining safety program avoids incidents, eliminates project slowdown, costly damage to equipment, tough questions from the client, and, worse of all, injury to the most valuable asset of your business, your employee.

Why Us

Our founder and chief safety expert, Greg Gerganoff, CSP has 18 years’ experience in professional safety. See About Us.

Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting views external rules like OSHA/MSHA as starting points for safer operations. Because simply following disparate safety rules does not always result in safe operations, our approach integrates safety – into all phases of your operations/projects.

RMSC organizes your safety program so you can succeed safely.  Safety integration can be simple and effective and can frequently be accomplished with minor additions to existing operations.

A major element in our approach is to view every employee, as safety person.  Through this leveraging, a sustainable safety program, once in place, maximizes the field experience of your employees.

What Drives Us

Sound safety programs greatly reduce adverse business impacts like higher insurance premiums (already high as it is) or worse, cancellation, ineligibility to bid work due to subpar safety performance, work performance impacted by low employee moral over their concern for their safety, injured employees, damage to equipment, project slowdowns due to incidents, unfavorable business reputation, etc.

Why squander your hard work by continuing unintentional adverse business practices when simple, effective solutions are frequently at hand.  Rocky Mountain Safety Consulting is deliberate about its safety practice.

Your business’s future depends on present successes.  Succeeding safely today greatly increases future business success.

Simple changes in some existing practices can commonly reduce or eliminate waste.


More than rules, risk management/safety is a business philosophy easily integrated into daily and long term management operations. We help make implementing this philosophy easy, sustainable and long term.