To be informed is to be safe. Safety Data Sheets, also known as SDS, are created for each chemical.  SDS’s offer explanations about safe handling and protective measures for the specific chemical.  SDS’s provide employers and employees with important information regarding safety precautions. And protective measures when working with that chemical.

Chemicals, unlike mechanical hazards, are not apparent just by looking.  For example, the hazards of a circular saw are apparent.  Chemical hazards are not apparent.

SDS’s have several sections.  In particular are the sections discussing flammability, fire fighting, and reactivity to other chemicals. Also identified are what personal protective equipment is recommended, storage and toxicity.  But before using a chemical read the SDS.  From top to bottom.  The only way to actually protect yourself and/employees is to understand the nature and hazards of the chemical.

AND, simply making the SDS available to employees is not enough. Take the time to train all personnel on the chemicals used at work.   Training should a review of the SDS of chemicals used at work.  To be informed is to be safe.

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